Who Makes a Better Companion: Russian vs. Ukrainian Girls

Are you looking for love? You should seriously consider dating the very beautiful Russian or Ukrainian girls before you make a decision. These women are what we traditionally call beauty with brains and make for wonderful life partners if you get serious.

You can find many beautiful Russian women and Ukrainian women who are single and looking for company. If you are wondering who will make a better girlfriend- lovely Russian girls or gorgeous Ukrainian girls, here is an article o help you with your dilemma. By the end of this article, you will know what you want from your lady love and in which one you will be able to find them all.

This article will explore the wonders of both lovely Russian girls vs gorgeous Ukrainian girls. We will discuss the difference of each dateable delight and help you choose which is a better fit for you.

Dressing and Style

While both Russian and Ukrainian women are equally beautiful, Ukrainian women are more likely to dress up and wear makeup on a daily basis. When leaving the house, Ukrainian women are always putting their best face forward. Russian women are a little more casual. Russian style of dressing¬†is more laid back and they don’t always feel the need to dress to impress. Russian women don’t always wear full makeup, so the pictures of Ukrainian women will more likely look like their profile pictures.

Language Barriers

Since the separation between the Ukraine and Russia into two separate countries, Ukrainian people have fought to separate and make distinctions separate from Russia. One such distinction is that Ukrainian people and women have started learning and speaking English. Therefore, one seeking international love with a Slavic beauty might find communicating and speaking to Ukrainian women easier.

Social Standards

Russian families have a more patriarchal society while the Ukrainians have a more matriarchal society. If you are seeking a more traditional role where the men are the head of the family and provide for the family, you might seek a relationship with a lovely Russian woman. Ukrainian women are more free-spirited and expect equality and a more dominant role in their relationships. Knowing what kind of relationship you are seeking might help you decide between the two equally lovely counterparts.

Dating and Communication

Ukrainian women are more skeptic and tight-lipped than Russian women. This may be because of the political situation in the Ukraine. Therefore, in the beginning, you might find Russian women more talkative and jovial than those beauties from the Ukraine who will listen more and wait until comfortable to open up socially.

Both Russian and Ukrainian women make for wonderful partners in their own way. The best thing to do before deciding about your dating matters will be to communicate with both set of women. Personally knowing both Ukrainian and Russian women before starting to date with any one of them will help you get a better perspective into their personalities. So, go ahead, talk to women from both countries and make friends before girlfriends.

If you know what type of relationship you are seeking in more traditional or modern style, whether the language will be a large barrier and how important physical appearance is at all times, this will help you in making your decision between choosing to date a Russian or Ukrainian woman. Both sets have their benefits and differences that make them ideal companions. Therefore, it is up to you on which preference is more likely your ideal of dating and relationships. Let your heart be the guide in this journey of love.

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