How to Set Up an Eye-Catching Dating Profile?

It often happens that people get radio silence in their message box after signing up on an online dating website. But why does this happen and what went wrong? Why are women hesitant to interact with you? Does it mean that you should give up online dating and stick to the classic form of dating?

The honest answer to the question “What went wrong?” is this. It’s probably because the online dating user skipped some steps in the registration process and signed up in a hurry just to be able to chat with women as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, that’s not how things work around here. And our online dating experts are going to help you set up an eye-catching dating profile that attracts potential life partners like a magnet.

Setting up an eye-popping dating profile isn’t that hard

Work on your profile picture. No, just taking a quick webcam snap or a mirror selfie will no qualify as a “good” or even “acceptable” profile picture for your online dating profile. You want to attract women, not distance them away, right? In a nutshell, if you want to attract women on dating sites, you will need a high-quality photo (not a selfie). In fact, it’s highly advised to find a professional photographer who will help you with postures, outfits, hairstyle, location, and other aspects of photography.

Two rules: upload a full-body photo and don’t forget to smile! Finding the right photos for your online dating profile isn’t rocket science, though scientists seem to agree that having a full-body photo on your profile can help you receive up to 200% more incoming messages, while about a half of all women said in surveys that seeing a man smile in a profile picture draws them to him. What if you combine both elements? Smile in a full-body photo and see how it goes.

What women DO NOT want to see on your dating profile. Having any of these photos decreases the attractiveness of your online dating profile by up to 10 times: using only group photos, using blurry pics, posing with multiple women (your buddies may love this pic, but it won’t be any good if you’re trying to find a serious, long-term relationship), and hiding behind sunglasses and a hat. It cannot go any worse than that.

Don’t leave your profile description blank. Women are eager to interact with guys online if they know at least something¬†about them. Your profile description offers you that unique chance, because you can describe yourself in a way that helps you find the right person. But while you’re at it…

DO NOT lie, and do be sincere and honest. Honesty is a rare talent these days, and if you have browsed through dating profiles on online dating sites, you have probably learned this by now. Contrary to the popular belief, pretending to be someone you are not can actually push women away from you on dating sites. That’s because girls have a natural gift to differentiate between truth and empty lies.

Keep your profile description concise. We have previously advised you against leaving your profile description blank, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to turn your profile into a novel. No need to go from one extreme to the other. Keep it concise, because, to tell you the truth, no one is going to read your description if it’s too long. Do keep in mind that people have a short attention span when browsing the Internet.

As you can see, setting up an attractive online dating profile isn’t nearly as hard as you thought. By implementing the above-mentioned tips, you can boost the number of incoming messages by up to 300%, so take advantage of these tips to find the woman of your dreams.

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