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10 Lessons that Slavic Women Dating Will Teach You

In old Bond movies, Slavic women dating him always portrayed menacing and standoffish femme Fatales. Movies, in general, depict a certain population’s impression. And so far, this impression towards Slavic women has remained in the current time. Any man on the street would describe Eastern European or Slavic women as beautiful, feminine, classy, cold, and calculating.

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It is always a surprise for North Americans to find that these women don’t easily flash their smiles. Somehow, some of these stereotypes are true, while many are not. In fact, dating Slavic girls will help you discover a lot of things about women, yourself, and not to mention, your dating skills. So, below are the ten lessons that you may learn from dating Slavic women. Of course, you may not experience each of these lessons, but a lot of men out there who have experienced dating Slavic women will surely ask us to say these again!

1.Confidence is the Key

Any guy who has dated a Slavic ladies would agree-- Slavic women are into confident men. They see confidence as akin to strength. For Eastern Europeans, strength is men’s excellence. They expect men to be the protector and the provider.

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But here’s one thing you need to take heed of, Slavic women are good at detecting faux confidence. So, if you want to win one Slavic woman but having some doubts with your own confidence, just try to fake it till you make it!

2.“Picking Up” Won’t Work

Eastern Europeans are not new to pickups. Slavic women see this style of men’s “go-to” when they don’t know how to naturally start a conversation with a woman. Slavic women don’t see this as a manly way apparently. They see this as a man’s way of tricking a woman into sleeping with her. So, if a Slavic woman happens to ask you: “Are you trying to pick me up?”, then you know you just screw up.

3.Don’t Try to be too Funny

Unlike Westerners, Slavic singles prefer serious and respectable men. This doesn’t entirely mean that you should hold a serious atmosphere all throughout as cracking a casual joke is still acceptable. You just generally need to show your serious side dominating. As a matter of fact, research conducted by the well-respected Levada Center found that Russian women, by and large, value a man’s intelligence.

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Clearly, being funny does not belong to the top list of what Slavic women want. Anyway, it is not difficult to be on the serious side after all.

4.Watch Your Mouth

Dirty talks may sometimes work, but if you meet Slavic women, you may need to be very careful with these. Speaking in an Eastern European language will make it easy to sound rude and stupid. On the other hand, using dirty words in English can be seen as too direct or too bold. Thus, use your tongue strategically to avoid putting yourself in trouble.

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Unless you meet women in the West in Slavic dating sites or those who have strong common in English, you as a native English speaker should be ready to lower the difficulty of their language.

5.Language Skills Don’t Save You, Personality Does

Of course, you want to be more attentive with your language in specific situations, but this does not mainly require you to speak her native language just as to stir her curiosity towards you.

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Your personality, status, experience, and body language can be more important than your expertise in speaking Russian. Things may be easier with their local language, but at the end of the day, the said factors are what still what truly matters.

6.It Still Pays to be Bold

This is another similarity that Slavic women have; they love men who make their intentions clear. Again, this character goes well with confidence, which is another character that Slavic women adore. Being bold is another form of strength, so no doubt this works well with these women.

7.Game is Game

You may experience a lot of cultural differences with Slavic women dating, but there is one sure thing: basic philosophies between men and women are the same everywhere. Just like any other woman, Eastern European women live by the same rules:

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● If her target is your attention, then she must offer something in return.

● She rewards your good behavior and punishes the bad one.

● Surrounding yourself with attractive women will attract more attractive ones.

● If she is truly attracted to you, let her do the chasing instead of you doing it.

These are basic things that men should already know. Once you start dating a Slavic woman you have probably found in a Slavic women dating site or anywhere, you will then reach two conclusions.

First, understanding female psychology will guarantee you success with women. Second, female psychology does not differ in any country. Women around the globe share the same scheme, though they may differ in values and interests.

In a nutshell, if you have a tight game, then you will surely be able to make the most out of dating a Slavic woman.

8.Learn the Culture for Yourself

This may be overstated, but any man who dreams of a Slavic dating will never be able to build deep relationships if he doesn’t know the culture. A lot of women can be too uninterested in history and languages. Russian women, specifically, read a lot about literature.

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Truth to be told though, things are easier with women who grow up with the same culture that you have. But if you want to be victorious with your international relations, then might as well make yourself get acquainted with your beloved’s culture.

9.Use the Right Vibe

As stated, women share the same psychology but can differ when it comes to personalities: American may be seen as chatty, French women as classy, Latinas as passionate, and Slavic women as calm and feminine. Each girl is different but these are their common denominators.

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Slavic women appreciate men who can be sociable and passionate. So, when you hear a Slavic woman saying “That makes you sound like Russian, too.”, then no question for you are doing it right.

10.Make Them Feel They are Wanted

Slavic women truly want to be in their best feminine side as possible. They love dressing in a feminine way, shopping, makeup, and other girly stuff. But most of all, they want attention from men they are attracted to.

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Of course, there are many ways to express how you truly desire a Slavic woman. You may try giving her materials things or exciting experiences that are all set for her.

Just try different ways, and you will surely get the reward you want as well.

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