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5 Truths About Polish Girls

Stereotyping women is common in the world of dating and so it comes to Polish girls. It's one of the ways dating sites match up men with potential partners based on their preference. However, do not get heated up, as it is not negative stereotyping but rather a form of social profiling.

For example, Latina women are known to be energetic and verbal, French women are fashion crazies and mostly dress like the famous Brigitte Bardot, and the Russian girls together with most east European women wear the trademark fur coats and hats. Italian women have a unique stereotype of being the heads of the families.

Just like the others, Polish women have their own stereotypes. So if you want to dive into Polish dating, here are a few things you should know about Polish women:

Family matters

Polish families hold dear the values instilled in them by their ancestors, and maintaining family relations is one of them. Polish women cherish their families and are mostly close to their mothers. Most Polish ladies stay in close contact with their mothers.

Therefore, if you want to date a Polish girl, you better be ready to support your family and respect the Polish family values.


A study carried out by GUS in November 2015 showed that over 57.7 percent of students in Polish universities are females.

Therefore, if you want to win the heart of a Polish beauty, pickup lines are just the first step. You should also be able to hold an intelligent conversation. Being well-informed or knowledgeable can be a big plus for you in Polish dating.


If you want to impress Polish singles, you should learn how to be nurturing, if you are not already. Don't just dwell in personal growth - learn how to help others grow as well. Take care of the sick, feed the hungry, donate to charities, or contribute to a youth startup or any other charity work.

In case you are wondering how this can help you date a Polish girl, well, Polish girls are very nurturing. It is in their blood to care for more than just themselves. Therefore, if you learn how to be nurturing, a Polish single will be attracted to you, and you can be able to reciprocate the virtue once you start dating. She will be grateful.


If you are invited to a Polish house, be sure that you will feel at home. Polish ladies are entertaining hosts, and when you add their nurturing character, you might find yourself with a full stomach with still more foods to go.

It is considered rude to refuse food when offered in a Polish house. Therefore, you must be ready to leave the house on a full stomach because they are so hospitable. However, it is not all about eating. You get the point of being hospitable.

A word of advice for men who would like to try Polish dating: if you invite a Polish woman in your house, do your best to be hospitable. Make her feel at home and you will win her love.


Polish ladies are easy to talk to. Most of them are polite, and it is rare to find a hot-tempered Polish lady. They are easy to hang around with and will rarely start a quarrel in public if you find yourself in disagreement.

If you disrespect a Polish woman, she will not make a scene and will probably let it go and wait for you to realize your mistake and reasonably make amends.

Elegant and stylish

Like their counterparts in France, women in Poland love to stay stylish. They pay attention to how they look and what they wear, but still, remain decent and not go over or underdressed.

A Polish woman will be dressed well, whether she is running an errand in a local store, going to a party, a date, a business meeting, or a wedding reception.


If you scroll through a Polish dating site, you will definitely come across many profiles with the word romantic, romance, or other derivatives of the word. This is because most Polish girls are romantics.

They are not lying when they say they are romantics. The traditional upbringing of Polish girls makes them romantics, and they are also attracted to men who will act as their knights in shining armor.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, many believe so. Don't be surprised when you upload a profile picture on a Polish dating site and sooner you will find a Polish single lady asking for a meetup.

Final Thoughts

Learning these qualities can help you master how to date Polish girl. It is a first step to understand the beautiful women of Poland and help you know how you could successfully date them. It would also help to learn about Poland generally.

Learn a few things about the Polish culture, tradition, the people, and its history. Remember that Polish women are educated, so it would be a plus if you know a few things about their country of origin.

Knowing the qualities of Polish women described above can help you get into Polish dating. However, that's not all you need to succeed. You also need to work on several skills needed in dating, such as conversation skills, proper flirting, and general dating skills.

Work on your confidence since. Like all other women, Polish women also like a man who has confidence in himself.

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