What Makes Asian Girls So Charming Among Foreigners?

Due to dating apps such as those offered on Facebook, it is not easier to determine preferences of male users. The one interesting fact that came from this research was that there are a vast number of men that prefer Asian women. Western men of all racial groups had clear preferences for Chinese women, Japanese women and Thai women.

This may be due to some of the long held myths about Asian women being more compliant and submissive, in family but especially in the bedroom. Things have changed in recent years though and there are many strong Asian women out there today. Asian women may no longer fit the stereotypes that have been the reason for men to actively seek relationships with them. Many Asian women are not educated as well and have potential beyond being a home maker. So why are Asian girls popular with non-Asian men today then?

Reasons why Asian girls are popular with non-Asian men

  1. Asian girls are sweet and charming
  2. They appear sweet and charming. For the most part, Asian women have sweet faces with nice smiles. They generally have a porcelain complexion and long silky, dark hair.  Asian women are generally quite small in build and some have a doll-like quality. This more fragile look often brings out heroic feelings in men, who feel they need protection.  Asian women also do not generally wear very much make-up and have a natural beauty that appeals to many men. Asian girls on the whole also come across as being milder mannered and easy to get along with.

  3. Asian girls are intelligent
  4. As Asian women become more educated and involved in the world, it is becoming clear that they can also be quite intelligent. Asian women are learning to be able to converse on a wide range of topics. Most men are not just looking for a pretty face and it is good to know that most Asian women can also hold up their end of a conversation.

  5. Asian girls are affectionate
  6. Asian girls have little qualms about touching or showing affection in general.  Hand holding, kissing and hugging is an important part of a relationship. For most Asian girls, they do thrive on affection from their partners as well.

  7. Asian girls are exotic
  8. Non-Asian men are often searching for Asian women as partners and spouses, particularly because they look different to Western women. For many men it is a way to experience a new culture, learn about other ways of life, enjoy exotic foods and be exposed to different attitudes. Western women are often quite different to Asian women in their thought processes and mannerisms, not just in their looks. Most Asian women strive for a light skin, but many have a tan skin, more slanted and narrow eyes and are more petite than Westerners. This isn't always the case, but this is in general. Asian girls are usually smoothed haired with clear skin and appear pretty to Westerners.

  9. Asian women age gracefully
  10. It is a scientific fact that people of Asians and African descent show age at a reduced rate to their whiter skinned counterparts. There is a belief that this may be due to higher melanin in the skin offering protection from sun damage. Asian women can often appear one to two decades younger than their actual age.

  11. Asian women value family
  12. Traditionally Asian women have been the home makers. Even though this is changing a bit over the past couple of decades, most Asian women are still brought up with a strong sense of family. The parents are usually quite strict and the children are brought up with strong morals and respect for others.

What makes Asian girls so charming among foreigners? For some it may be a fetish but for many it is a combination of many of the factors listed above.  For others, it may just be a type. For whatever reason, more and more men are looking to date Asian women worldwide.

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