Tips on How to Keep Your First-Time Online Chat Interesting and Sustainable

As an online dater, you might come across a few awkward situations when you’re about to start a conversation with your dream lady:

1. Hesitant to initiate a chat because of low self-esteem, fear of rejection, or any other reason.
2. Already send out a message, but get no response from the beauty behind the screen.
3. She does respond and both of you exchange a few messages, but you fails to keep the conversation flowing in an interesting and sustainable manner.

To help you conquer above all problems and practice to become a chatting guru, we sum up several useful tips on how to keep the first-time online chat interesting and sustainable.

Be creative and keep her engaged

The worst thing you can do when initiating a chat with a girl met online is just send “Hi!” and sit there, twiddling your thumbs and waiting for her response. Don’t be surprised if she never texts you back. The second worst thing you can do is professing your love to her in the very first message.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Break through all those hundreds of messages from random guys sending her the “Hi!” message by starting the conversation with a more personalized message, i.e. ask about something she mentioned in her description, or write about something interesting that you saw on her photos. You need to keep her engaged and guessing about whether you actually like her appearance or not. That’s a silly mind trick game that many women on online dating play, so play along!

Be careful about what you write

Chatting online with a prospective girlfriend isn’t exactly the same as texting with your best friends. So you may want to watch your language and be careful about what you type. The most common mistakes men make when chatting with women online is using slang words or a videogamer’s vocabulary, curse words, and rude expressions.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Construct sentences like a mature man if you want to be perceived as an adult who’s serious about his intentions. Be as positive as possible, don’t use profanity, and be eloquent. Yes, ladies go crazy for eloquent men who respect women (in a good sense).

Ask her questions

Another common mistake men make online is writing a bunch of stuff about themselves, wrongly thinking that this is the right way to keep the girl’s attention and interest ignited. In reality, what you are doing is pushing her away, because women become more interested and passionate about the chat when you ask them questions.

TRY THIS INSTEAD: Think about chatting online as a ping-pong game. It needs to be an exchange of information back and forth. You send the ping-pong ball her way by asking a question, she replies and sends the ball back to you by asking a question. When asking a girl questions, don’t go too personal too soon, as this can actually destroy your chances with this girl. Instead of asking her “What color of panties are you wearing right now?” ask her questions about her habits, interests in life, skills, views on life, etc. There are so many questions you can ask to keep the conversation going for years to come!

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