8 Healthy Relationship Expectations: You Have Every Right to Expect These from Your Partner

Some people have their relationship expectations too high, while others don’t expect much from their partner. Neither strategy is healthy or reasonable, as you have a right to have certain expectations about your relationship.

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Those who go into a relationship not expecting much usually end up dating – or worse, meeting – the wrong person. However, expecting too much can cause just as much harm, as high expectations can create problems and drive your partner away.

But before you ditch all of your current expectations, we suggest you become familiar with the healthy relationship expectations that you can and should have to make sure that you are in a romantic relationship that’s healthy, happy, and satisfying.

1. Respect
Respect is one of the foundations of love. But what does it mean being treated with respect, exactly?

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Ask yourself these two questions to find out if your partner really treats you with respect. Does he or she respect you as a person? Does your partner respect your boundaries, needs, and desires?

But don’t get me wrong. A partner who treats you with respect shouldn’t necessarily agree with you on everything, oh no. It’s perfectly healthy to disagree on things and even argue sometimes.

In fact, researchers found that couples who argue are 10 times more likely to be happy together than those who avoid the tough topics.

Still, it’s a healthy expectation to be dating a partner who doesn’t insult or ridicule you, who knows and respects your needs and desires, as well as acknowledges your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Affection
It’s also perfectly healthy to expect your partner to express affection in one form or the other. But don’t be too quick to dump your partner if he or she doesn’t shower you with love poems, as there are actually five different love languages, according to counselor Gary Chapman.

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3. Compassion
Compassion is often underestimated in relationships, but it shouldn’t be. It’s perfectly normal to expect your partner to be there for you when you need him or her most.

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Although you cannot expect your partner to know exactly what you feel or to feel the same way you do, they need to sympathize with the way you feel and offer their shoulder to cry on. There was even a study that called compassion “the most important quality in life.”

4. Interest
Although you cannot force your partner to like everything that you feel passionate about, it’s perfectly reasonable to expect your partner to be interested in at least some of your opinions, activities, hobbies, thoughts, and feelings.

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In fact, your girlfriend or boyfriend should have a greater interest in you than the average person. If she or he doesn’t, then how do you know that you’re dating the right one?

One survey showed that 64% of happiness couples believe that “having shared interests” with a romantic partner is critical for a successful life.

5. Time
While it’s not reasonable to expect your partner to spend all of his or her time with you, it’s a major red flag if he or she seems to never have time for you.

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If it seems that your partner would rather spend time with someone else or alone, then you have every right to demand more quality time together. If your partner can’t give it to you, then you might have a problem here.

But it’s healthy to need bonding time with your friends, according to scientists. So, don’t forget to give each other a healthy amount of space.

6. Consideration
If you’re in a relationship where your partner does not consider things from your point of view and always does things his or her way, it’s not good. But it’s equally bad if your partner does everything you want them to do and gives you everything you ask for.

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The healthy approach is somewhere in the middle. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect your partner to be considerate and take your opinion into account.

7. Intimacy
Intimacy isn’t just about rolling around in the sheets. Rather, intimacy is about established an emotional bond with your partner. It’s also about sharing personal information that you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with others.

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Intimacy is also about a considerable amount of care for one another, though, according to researchers, touching and hugging can be powerful tools when it comes to shaping psychological intimacy.

8. Generosity
Generosity in a romantic relationship isn’t necessarily about making expensive material gifts. A generous partner is someone who enjoys helping his or her loved one and finding ways to make his or her partner happier.

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Commitment and devotion are the most generous gifts someone can give to their partner in a relationship, and this kind of generosity is definitely a healthy relationship expectation to have.

Interestingly, one study found that kindness and generosity are the two most important elements in a long-lasting relationship.

Note: Although you do have the right to expect these eight things from your partner, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll always get them. For some people, not having some of these things are deal-breakers, while for others, it’s no big deal.

Also, keep in mind that your partner has every right to expect the same things from you because every relationship is a two-way street.

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