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Things to Know Before Dating Vietnamese girls

If you are passionate about Asian women, then you should consider dating Vietnamese girls. Most Vietnamese women are very beautiful. They are on the top list of women to date worldwide.

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If you have doubts about dating them, stop and just go for it. In this article, we will focus on reasons for dating them, what they like, how to date them, and tips for dating Vietnamese ladies.

Why date a Vietnamese woman?

You may have asked yourself this question several times. Here are some of the reasons you should date a Vietnamese lady.

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• They don't drink or smoke. In Vietnam, drinking for a lady is considered repulsive. Most women rarely engage in it. Hence, if you go out on a date with a Vietnamese girl, take her to a restaurant or mall.

• They are loyal and respectful. Vietnamese girls don’t like to argue. Having a long-distance relationship with them is easy. This is because they know how to entertain themselves and are trustworthy.

• They are not keen on following religious customs, hence are open to new ideas.

• Since they are intelligent and love reading, they can discuss a variety of topics well.

• They have beautiful and petite bodies, which makes them very attractive.

• Vietnamese girls are elegant and classy. They know how to dress in the latest fashion trends

• Vietnam women dating are very faithful in relationships and would not cheat on you.

• They are self- reliant and hard working. Vietnamese work for their money; they won't completely rely on you to pay for dates.

• They don’t hang out on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all day long. Instead, they have their feet on the ground.

• They are not easy to get. They value traditions and are very conservative in nature.

• Vietnamese women are known to be honest with their emotions. They express their feelings openly and do not hold resentments.

• Vietnamese women are family-oriented. They love to cook and will care for you when sick. In addition, they are also submissive.

• They are gentle, transparent, and calm in nature.

What do Vietnamese women like?

• They prefer Western men due to their kind nature

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• Vietnamese girls want men who behave like gentlemen

• They believe Western men are ambitious

• They admire the freedom enjoyed when dating western men.

• They also like men who are honest and open with them.

• Mature men who are in their 40s and are materially well off will score high with Vietnamese women.

How to meet and date Vietnamese women

If you are already in Vietnam then you just need to leave your room. Vietnam has lots of restaurants, malls, and coffee shops. Visit these places during the day for better results. You can approach a Vietnamese girl you fancy, talk to her, and ask her out on a date. They are very friendly, so you need not fear. It is a stress- free casual way of dating Vietnamese women.

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If you prefer to go out at night, it should be before 10.30 o’clock. The reason is that Vietnamese women are not allowed to go out after that time due to home curfews.

However, if you are not in Vietnam, then you can try looking at Vietnam dating sites.

You can now start chatting with her and ask her out for a complementary date in a restaurant. This means that you will pay for the meal. Show genuine interest in her. Ask questions about her life and family.

Furthermore, your conversation should be broad and interesting covering issues such as art, music, food, places to visit, and culture. Avoid talking about the Vietnamese war and do not compare her with Western women. After the date, pay for the taxi and take her home. Be a gentleman by holding the door for her and pulling out chairs when she wants to sit.

Tips for dating Vietnamese women

If you want to date Vietnamese women you can check out the following tips:

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• Learn a bit of the Vietnamese language. You may meet someone who cannot speak English. To remove the language barrier, you can invest in a language course. Communication will be a problem. You don’t need to be fluent in the language. However, it will help in holding a basic conversation.

• It is important to be alone when going out and not in a group. Also, muster your confidence and talk to women in those clubs or restaurants.

• Learn about Vietnamese dating culture, traditions, and practices.

• Avoid stereotyping by all means. If there is anything you want to learn about a Vietnamese girl, just ask her instead.

• They will expect you to make the first move when you meet them. This is because they are very conservative and also their culture does not allow it.

• Show them you are able to provide. It should not be surprised if she lets you pay for everything any time you go out, for as long as possible.


Due to globalization, social relationships beyond country borders have increased. More people are seeking relationships with people from different cultures. Vietnam dating has also caught up with this new trend. Vietnamese have immersed themselves in western culture for the past 20 years.

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Online dating through Vietnamese dating site is the easiest and most convenient way to meet these girls. Another option is to meet girls through social circles. For instance, if you are in Vietnam, you will be introduced to women through friends.

However, there are those who still hold on to their traditions. This makes them unique compared to western girls and other Vietnamese girls. There are also other online applications you can visit to meet a Vietnamese lady of your dreams.

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