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Dating Singapore: Types of Singaporean Ladies You Will Meet Online

Are you considering dating a beautiful Singaporean woman? If so, there are many online dating Singapore platforms that can help you dating Singapore to go out with. Although there are numerous negative stereotypes about women from Singapore, there is more to them than meets the eye.

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Here are some things you can expect from Singaporean ladies that you meet online.


Majority of Singaporean women seeking men Singapore are quite easygoing when compared to women from other nationalities. A Singaporean woman is not hard to please since she knows what she wants. Usually, what she wants is not hard to find or give. She is also amicable when you talk to her. Since she is easy-going, she has a great ability to love. When you treat her right, she can offer a lot of love.


There are men who worry about dating women who are boring. Even though some people complain that there is nothing much to do in Singapore, this will change when you meet a lady in a Singapore dating website. These women are not only easygoing but also fun-loving, especially when they are out. Once you get to know more about her, take her out for an adventure and get to see her fun-loving side.

3.Low Expectations

Unfortunately, some women tend to overestimate themselves and have too high standards for men. Nevertheless, Singaporean women who sign up for matchmaking Singapore are looking for someone whom they can potentially love and get love in return.

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Although this kind of girl may talk about her ideal partner as someone who has a car, sculpted body, nice job, and handsome face, these qualities do not matter once they meet the one.


One of the stereotypes among Singaporean women is that they are obsessed with their weight. However, there are many who love food. Food is an important culture in this county and there is a high chance you will meet a food-loving lady through a dating agency Singapore.

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Though a Singaporean woman might not be a fan of calories, she enjoys good food with a good company. She can take you to interesting food destination places and she is bound to take food photos. Al the same, you will still enjoy her company.

5.Enjoys Sweet Simple Gestures

It is not likely that you will meet a Singaporean woman who wants extravagant and luxurious gestures that can be expensive. You can meet singles Singapore who likes sweet and cute gestures. A woman from Singapore is more likely to feel happy when you touch her face while she is sleeping, play with her hair, or protect her when it rains.

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Even if you have done something to make her feel bad, you do not need to go running to her house in the wee hours, kneel, and deeply apologize. Just do simple gestures and she will forgive you. Though it may be different when you have done something grievous such as cheating.

6.Not Clingy

Being insecure and clingy are some traits that many women tend to have, and Singaporean women are no exception. However, most Singaporean girls are not as clingy and insecure as other women.

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For a woman who is not clingy, she does not like to feel restrained in the relationship. She may want her own space from time to time, but she also needs to know that you care for her. Asking how her day is can make a lot of difference. You do not need to put too much effort into this. You just need to reassure her sometimes.

If it tends to be a bit overwhelming, you can always open up to her about it. She understands that compromise is important for a successful relationship. 

7.Not Materialistic

Men seeking for women in dating sites like the dating site Singapore tend to have the perception that women are materialist. However, this is not the case for Singaporean women because they value the person more than the money.

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They believe that a great relationship must have the 5 Cs that includes- commitment, compromise, companionship, care, and communication. For a Singaporean woman who is not materialistic, these elements are her priority. 

Though money and material comfort are vital, money and physical upkeep are the least of her concern. What is most important to her is that she has a potential partner that she can have an emotional connection with. If you meet this kind of lady, you can ask yourself, “Am I a good companion?” or “Does she feel happy with me?”

She probably has these questions in mind as well. She wants to be good enough for you so you can make her feel better about herself. 

8.Good Cooks

One thing that stands out about Singaporean women is that they cook meals very well. Some think that they are undomesticated, meaning that they cannot be homemakers. This is not true. Many Singaporean I have met are very domestic. A Singaporean woman who loves to cook has a lot more that she can offer than baking or whipping up a delicious dish. 

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Therefore, you are in for a surprise when you go out with a girl from Singapore who enjoys cooking. You will get to learn more about their food culture and life. 


Finally, you have a better understanding of the kind of Singapore women you may meet from dating sites. Ultimately, Singaporean ladies are beautiful, lovely and easy to please. Do not hesitate to get into the dating Singapore scene to know more about them.

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