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Everything You Need to Know About Korean Dating

Korea has a fun and exciting Korean dating culture that is extremely warm and welcoming to visitors. It is a place for love birds as well. Aside from the home of those famous K-dramas, every 14th day of the month in Korea is dedicated to couples.

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In addition, it's common to see cute couples wearing matching attires. To get to know more about Korean dating and the strict unwritten rules they adhere to (as the country is considered to be one of the Four Asian Tigers leading the culture is traditional) keep reading.

How to meet Korean singles?

Unlike many Western countries, the most common way to meet single men and women alike are through friends or acquaintances. Korea isn't where suitors are encouraged to go up to any attractive strangers they liked and say "hi," make small talk, then maybe ask for their phone number if things go well.

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As a foreigner, if you're wondering where to meet eligible singles, make a lot of friends. So, start being friendly and start talking with many people to broaden your dating possibilities. Otherwise, sign up for a Korean dating site since dating apps are getting popular these days.

What language should I use?

Korea's school curriculum includes English, so worry less when you haven't enrolled in any Korean language school yet. They had been learning English since they were young, and almost everyone understands basic English. Everything also goes smoother if you try some Korean love or appreciation phrases.

Always keep your phone with you!

'Three-day rules' don't apply in Korea. For the uninitiated, three-day rule in dating originally came from romantic comedies and sitcoms a long time ago. It is a rule wherein you shouldn't text or call someone you are interested in or at least three days after getting their phone number. It caught on, among others, or other countries people have seen its effectiveness.

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Apparently, Korean girls love it straight forward. If you are interested in dating Korean women, drop this said 'three-day rule' and send them instant messages via text or IM. Failing to send her a message two hours after getting their phone number makes them assume you are not interested in them.

Don't hesitate to add emojis to your messages, and it will be greatly appreciated. It is not uncommon to be talking and chatting all night in Korea too.

Get yourself familiar with romantic holidays in Korea

South Korean dating compels you to mark your calendar every 14the day of the month. Let's talk about them one by one below.

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  • DIARY DAY OR CANDLE DAY – January 14th
  • This is the day where you exchange brand new diaries and a candle with each other. Doing so shows you wish each other's pleasant year together. There are a bunch of stationery stores around Korea where you can buy one of these cute diaries.

  • VALENTINE'S DAY- February 14th
  • I suppose we are familiar with this holiday. This day is for guys in Korea wherein girls will give them presents. It could be home-made chocolate aiming to make their lads feel lucky.

  • WHITE DAY- March 14th
  • This is the day where the ladies are to accept flowers, candy and chocolate from their gentleman. If you meet Korean girls on this special day, don’t forget to get her something.

  • BLACK DAY- April 14th
  • Dedicated to single people in Korea, the practice usually is observed by the single people eating a dish called "jjajangmyeon", a black noodle dish in public.

  • ROSE DAY or YELLOW DAY- May 14th
  • This day is for the couples to wear matching yellow tops. The stores will also be filled with special rose bouquets and arrangements as couples will exchange roses or flowers.

  • KISS DAY- June 14th
  • This is the day where couples exchange kisses in Korea. Kissing is all taboo in Korea unless it is this day.

  • SILVER DAY- July 14th
  • Silver accessories are usually exchanged this time of year. Couples may also exchange promise rings.

  • GREEN DAY – August 14th
  • This is the day for couples to engage in any outdoor activities together. Maybe a hike to a forest or walk to a park and enjoy nature.

  • PHOTO DAY – September 14th
  • Photo studios are a go-to of couples this day. They get professional photos or have fun at a photo booth stand. Singing each other love songs at a noraebang (karaoke rooms) are also enjoyed by the couples.

  • WINE DAY – October 14th
  • A romantic wine dinner is usually being savored by couples this day.

  • MOVIE DAY – November 14th
  • Movie theaters are for couples this day. Korean DVD rooms or a private living room space are also available for rent for a more comfortable and memorable experience.

  • HUG DAY – December 14th
  • Couples are expected to hug each other more this day. December is a more celebrated holiday for couples as well. This is one of the most apparent things why Korea is the home for lovers, and staying single is less encouraged.

What about showing affection in public?

Passionate kisses and tight hugs are considered inappropriate and tacky in South Korea. They believe this is the special, romantic moments being shared ought for couples to keep in private.

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Though feel free to hold your date's hand, or have your arms around their shoulders. Doing so makes you a lot closer to your date at the end of the day. These are the appropriate and acceptable displays of affection guys do while dating Korean women.

Who pays the bill?

Whether it's your first time to meet Korean girls, when it comes to paying bills depends on the belief of your date. There is no 100% confirmation that you should pay the bill. As the evening progresses, you may be the one paying the dinner at the restaurant, and as you go out for a walk, then had ice cream, your date might insist on paying for it.

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Different preferences come to different people. Your date might be comfortable covering at least a portion of your bill and let her feel good that way.

Now you're ready for a date!

We hope we got you enlightened about the basics of a dating Korean girl, Korean customs, and beliefs. These all you will surely get you through as you pursue the love of your dreams. Whether you're a westerner looking forward to a prolonged relationship in Korea, follow these tips, and you are good to go. Have fun!

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