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Top Secrets for Dating Chinese Women Online

Compared with other nations out there, Chinese dating may seem strange because of the culture. However, when it comes to honesty, loyalty, caring and being frank about their emotions, Chinese girlfriends are the greatest. Of course, certain things may seem unnecessarily strange, particularly for the Westerner, but you will slowly get used to it as long as you grow fully into their culture. So, without further ado, let's talk about how to date Chinese women, and what you can expect from it.

What is a Chinese woman like?

Perhaps there is no single woman who will be absolutely pleased with her beauty, and Chinese singles are no exception to this. But the condition is being exacerbated by the reality that China has a cult of beauty. Influenced by fashion trends in Korea and Japan, Chinese ladies like to spend enormous sums of money on repairing things that aren’t even there. We 're talking about operations to the nose, mouth, lips and legs. Everybody needs brown eyes, long legs, white skin and nice hair. A Chinese girl may also become a true target of fashion, to the extent where she no longer looks like herself. You're going to be looking at a silicone instead. But operations are expensive and most people remain normal and retain their cultural characteristics.

Good looks are a promise of popularity in China, a chance to pick a successful partner, to get a well-paid job. Employers want more attractive hires, because a beautiful face in Chinese society is equal to beautiful acts, and beautiful workers have much more chances of employment. More recently, in China, women over the age of 27 who have a job and don't have children have started to diminish.

Fewer and fewer Chinese women want an incentive to entrust their husband with the management of their lives and to develop it on their own. At the same time, they are very ambitious: according to estimates, 76% of Chinese women are targeted at senior managerial roles, 52% in the US and 42% in Russia. Where does the huge disparity come from? Women have worked under men's control for so long; the policy of "one child-one family" no longer operates. Statistically, 8 out of 10 of the world's wealthiest women are Chinese.

It all depends on the background she comes from, too. If she comes from a small town, she would most certainly have some dumb biases, like adherence to unimaginable societal codes, 'only not to be humiliating for her community.' For example, purchasing a half-broken car or dating a divorced lady are things you can't do, which are considered common in America, since you'll be humiliating her and her family. A girl from the suburbs is going to be a little clingy and will want you to do everything for the family, but she's going to be an outstanding mom.

If the girl is born in the capital city, she will be urban, hipster, fashion-addicted and a little more affluent and greedier. Well, not all girls are like that as everyone is different. But appearance and wealth are still the most important for them.

Here are some things you will need to know before you dive in and search for Chinese women for dating:

Learn about her culture

Always be cautious and compassionate to her culture. When you start dating a Chinese girl, make sure you don't ask her typical questions regarding Chinese practices that you can easily read online. Moreover, she'll be pleased if you convince her that you've already done some work.

If you want to win her heart, start studying Mandarin and she will know that you are really searching for a serious relationship. Remember this when you’re in Chinese lady dating.

Respect her family

It's a must have appreciation for the moms and dads of women in Asia. Make sure you don’t show any dissatisfaction toward them and give them plenty of attention in your Chinese single dating.

Make sure she feels relaxed

Obtaining a villa or a low rider is not mandatory, but you would definitely need to tell your Chinese date whether you will be willing to afford for your future family members.

No, this doesn't necessarily mean that Chinese ladies are gold diggers, just that they're incredibly careful for the welfare of family members.

Play the part of a 'humble-bad guy'

In Chinese culture, a guy is considered intelligent when he is calm and silent. So, instead of being talkative, extrovert and ambitious, remain humble. This will give you additional points when you meet her parents. It’s the secrets for China cupid.

Chinese parents will want you to be the right and courteous guy. But in order to create a light in your girlfriend's eyes and butterflies in her stomach, you may have to smash the dream and become a completely bad guy.

However, remember being bad doesn't necessarily mean deliberately trying to make her unhappy though. Never do this because you're going to scare her and spoil the entire thing in Chinese girl dating.

Take things slowly

For a long time, Chinese girls liked it when they were wooed by guys. They typically, however, do not like to jump from one stage in dating to another on one night. You will need to invest some time and be patient in your China dating.

Remember to follow up after the first date with your Chinese girl. In addition, keep in mind that only a few Chinese women are confident venturing out to restaurants or cinemas as it can cause them exorbitant tension. So, what you should do is invite her every so often for a cup of tea or take her for a stroll in the park. It’s of great importance in Chinese women dating!

To sum things up, if you want to impress a Chinese lady, you need to be interesting, be employed, show love for her, show interest in her family, and be serious when you need to be. With this in mind, you can go looking on Chinese dating sites for your Chinese girl.

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